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Getting Started with the TeamSnap API

TeamSnap API Instructions


What an Admin needs to do:

  1. For each user, you need to fill in their TeamSnap team name (System, Users). The team name needs to match exactly the team name from TeamSnap.

What Users have to do:

  1. Go to My Account, External Connections

  2. Click the Authorize TeamSnap button

  3. You will be asked to authenticate with your TeamSnap credentials.

  4. When completed, you should be returned back to bookafield with a green checkmark on the External Connections page.

Once those steps are completed, when a user makes a reservation in bookafield, it will display in TeamSnap.

All reservation changes should be done in bookafield. If you modify something in TeamSnap, it will not update in bookafield.

Please note, there is a bug with TeamSnap:

If you remove all of your reservations from bookafield, and you do a refresh of your browser with TeamSnap, all of the reservations will be deleted except for one of them. TeamSnap hangs onto one reservation. The fix is to close the browser window and re-login to TeamSnap.


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